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School Counselor
Contact Olivia Pastore  Olivia Pastore (505) 877-2724 ex: 52254 Counselor

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School Counselors make a world of difference

At Kit Carson Elementary School counseling is an integral part of the entire educational process.  This means counseling is considered essential, necessary, and important to make education whole and complete for our students.

This year, the counselor, Olivia Pastore, brings and offers a wealth of experience and knowledge and is pleased to work with the entire Kit Carson community.  The areas that are included in our counseling program are individual counseling, sometimes crisis intervention, offering a school guidance curriculum which includes topics such as coping strategies, learning to get along with others (peer relationships), conflict management, problem solving, understanding self and others, career awareness, and much more.  The goal is to help support students academically, emotionally, mentally, physically and socially. 

To help a student be successful there will be a focus on Self-Regulation and learning how to ‘manage’ one’s behavior. Ms. Pastore uses the Zones of Regulation with students, which is a program that helps students identify their emotions then develop and use their own behavior interventions. 

To help the students be safe there will be sessions on bullying and what to do if they are being bullied. 

The counselor also works and collaborates with the school staff, parents, community, and other organizations to be responsive to students needs.  You may contact Ms. Pastore at any time by calling the main office or submitting a referral form.

Ms. Pastore continues to focus on a positive approach.  She continues to push into the classrooms using different curriculum to address anti- bullying. In 2017, Peer Mediation was started with the 4th and 5th grade classes.  These students seemed to enjoy being Peer Mediators.  Ms. Pastore hopes to make make Anti-Bullying a school wide program at Kit Carson. 

Ms. Pastore is a member of the Health and Wellness team, which meets often to address student needs. It consists of Asst. Principal, Principal (as available) Nurse, Therapists, Truancy Caseworker, Behavior Redirector, and Family Liaison.