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School Programs

Technology Class

The Technology Program at KCES is committed to assisting teachers serve their students, and to provide all students with an opportunity to understand and learn computers while becoming good digital citizens.

Art Class

Students will have a chance to learn and use many types of art styles, techniques, and media. They will find out about famous artists and important art movements.

New Mexico Pre-K

Kit Carson Elementary Pre-K is located in the South Valley in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our program an Extended Full Day program with 20 slots and runs Monday through Friday from 7:45am-2:00pm. Students receive a free breakfast and lunch, and pull out programs like PE, Library etc. If you are interested please call the office to check availability and to be added to the wait list if we are full. We have two teachers, one lead teacher and one assistant.

We use the Creative Curriculum and developmentally appropriate practices to provide a quality high quality education for children. The teacher plans activities that foster learning through play, exploration and socialization and also the areas of social/ emotional, literacy and math development. The learning environment is set up to provide physical activity throughout the day so children can develop large motor skills. We monitor student achievement using New Mexico's Early Learning Outcomes Essential Indicators and Portfolio documentation forms.

Physical Education

Our goal in physical education is for everyone to learn to make healthy choices and feel successful when participating in a variety of activities. This enables students to develop a positive attitude toward physical activity and to develop healthy habits, which will hopefully continue throughout their lives.

Students will be encouraged to have fun and enjoy PE. They will also be encouraged to participate to the best of their ability in a wide variety of activities.

Student Assistance Team (SAT)

Each school has a Student Assistance Team (formerly Student Support Team) whose role is to ensure that students are provided the opportunity to succeed in the general education environment. Students are to be referred for special education evaluation only when interventions and modifications have been unsuccessful and data justifies possible separation from the general education program.