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Bilingual Education

Kit Carson has a Dual Language Emergent program from Kindergarten to Fifth grade offering quality instruction in English and Spanish.  In Kindergarten, the model is 90/10 and transitions to a 50/50 model in 3rd through 5th grade. 



Students receive direct and explicit Spanish instruction through a 90/10 model.  90% of classroom instruction will be in Spanish.  The focus is the development of early Spanish literacy skills in order to have strong foundation to become bi-literate. Students will also develop English literacy through content areas and best practices of English foundation instruction. 


1st GRADE 

80% SPANISH, 20% ENGLISH for all students in all content areas.  Students will receive homework and assessments Spanish and assignments to develop the English language. 


2nd GRADE 

70% SPANISH, 30% ENGLISH for all students in all content areas.  Students will receive homework and assessments Spanish and assignments to develop the English language. 


3rd through 5th GRADE 

The instruction is 50% in Spanish and 50% in English for all students in all content areas.  Students are also given homework and assessments in both English and Spanish.  Our goal is for students to become Bilingual and Bi-literate. We will offer the opportunity to receive the bilingual seal during the 5th grade.


Kit Carson Elementary School has had a long tradition of servicing students within the community with a Dual Language model.  It is our honor to continue the legacy in promoting Dual Language Education to our community by offering a program that will enhance a student’s culture and bilingualism.


Kit Carson School will reach academic excellence by providing high quality dual-language academic programs in all content areas, that prepares students for educational success by involving them in a rigorous academic program that accelerates their learning and generates linguistic and academic proficiency in two languages (English and Spanish) and will develop positive cross cultural attitudes towards society and the world.