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Here at Kit Carson, we pride ourselves on setting high expectations for all of our students. Within this section, you will find information on GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design), Origo Stepping Stones (Math), and Common Core State Standards (ELA), just to name a few.


Fundations® is a multisensory and systematic phonics, spelling, and handwriting program that benefits all K-3 students. It also includes a supplementary activity set for Pre-K students. Fundations is designed as a whole-class, general education program used for prevention (Tier 1) purposes. It also can be taught in a small group or 1:1 setting for intervention (Tier 2).

Guided Langauge Acquisition Design (GLAD)

Project GLAD® is a model of professional development in the area of language acquisition and literacy. The strategies and model promote English language acquisition, academic achievement, and cross-cultural skills. Project GLAD® was developed and field tested for nine years by the United States Department of Education and is based on years of experience with integrated approaches for teaching language. Tied to the Common Core Standards and State Standards, the model trains teachers to provide access to core curriculum using local district guidelines and curriculum.

Project GLAD Website

ORIGO Stepping Stones (Math)

ORIGO Stepping Stones has been written and developed by a team of experts to provide teachers with access to a world-class elementary math program. Our expert team of authors and consultants are utilizing all available educational research to create a unique program that has never before been available to teachers.