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August Newsletter

        Cindy Rael, Principal                                                     Tanya Martin, Assistant Principal                       


Welcome back Kit Carson families,  

I am so pleased you are giving us a chance to teach your child this year during a pandemic. Teachers have been working hard to make on-line learning, exciting and productive. As you know, we will be in what the district is calling “RED”, meaning students engage in distance-learning at home full time, Monday through Friday. There is no bus transportation necessary or provided when operating in RED.  All students are to be online. The date we have in our plan to come back is September 8th. We may move into “YELLOW” , which students attend on a hybrid schedule with one-week instruction in-person Tuesday through Friday at school, and the next week students engage in distance learning at home. During “Yellow”, all Mondays are designated distance learning from home days. Bus transportation is available the week students attend in-person instruction at school. We do not know for sure if we will start school in “yellow” at the given date. I suggest everyone watches the board meeting this Wednesday, August the 19th.  There may be updates at this meeting.

For now, all teachers should have started classes. All teachers will be teaching Social and Emotions lessons until the 24th. You will find a generic schedule on our Kit Carson Web site. Teachers will be working 6.5 hours a day. Students will have schoolwork for full days of school. This year we will be taking attendance, and will be giving out grades. Make sure your child is on time. Your child’s teacher will have sent out their own schedule of what they are doing daily, and the times for pullouts. We are working in the office, handing out materials to anyone who registered late or could not pick up their materials at the pickup time and date.

We are looking forward to meeting your expectations at our school.

Good luck and God Bless.

Principal Rael