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Petition for Changing the Name of Our School.
Posted 10/20/20

Greeting Kit Carson Families and Staff and Communities,


If you would like to Possibly change the name of our school you may click this link and fill out the Petition!


The Kit Carson Instructional Council voted to circulate the petition following a name-change request from a community member. The petitioner asked that the school be renamed to reflect diversity, equity, and inclusion.


An alternative name has not yet been chosen.


According to APS procedure, the Instructional Council will need signatures from 60 percent of school staff and 60 percent of the parent organization or 100 members of the school community in order to take the name-change request to the APS Superintendent and Board of Education for approval.


You can learn more about the rational for the name change by watching the YouTube video: Community Conversation about Naming of Kit Carson Elementary School.


As a parent/guardian of a Kit Carson Elementary School student, you have the option of signing a petition to change the school’s name. The petition can be signed electronically by going here: Kit Carson Elementary School Petition.


The deadline to sign is January 18, 2021.


You also have the option of not signing the petition if you prefer that the school keep its name, or you don’t have an opinion on the issue.


School staff, students, and community members also have the option of signing the petition.


Thank You!